Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stress and Health

STRESS is the root of many illnesses including heart disease, types of cancers, bowel disease - the list go on and on. You would think that we would have less stress with our advanced technology. We seem to have more than our ancestors? Before the why, let us look at the What?
What is STRESS?Oxford dictionary defines it as" pressure or tension (measured by quantity) placed on our physical or mental energy." Since we are not just a body,STRESS also affects the spirit. A certain amount of stress is healthy and the body has coping mechanisms for that. If the quantity gets beyond what the mind PERCEIVES it can handle, then HEALTH IS AFFECTED!

The quantity of stress which each person can handle before it becomes overwhelming depends each individual attitude, personality,history and support system. So what might be stressful for one person might not be so for another? Tomorrow we will identify WHY the STRESS?

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