Monday, June 16, 2008

Qigong:-Concepts of Chow Qigong

According to Dr. Chow, Love is the most important element that envelopes Chow Qigong.
As she puts it "without love, life qi is empty" Some of the basic concepts of Chow Qigong includes the following:-

A positive mental attitude.
Proper posture and breathing with diaphragm (not chest)
Meditate daily.
Get 8 hugs a day and 3 belly-aching laughs a day.
Practice the right qigong exercises.
Good nutrition
Be at peace with yourself and others
Give and receive lots of love.

Integrating the qi concept into one's life is important to get the maximum benefit of Qigong.
Tomorrow we will briefly mention some of the qigong exercises.

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