Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Qigong Exercises - briefly

According to Dr. Chow,in her practice of qigong, she found that it was not wise for one to practice the exercises without also practising the philosophies and supportive measures which I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Before one starts the Qigong exercises, these basic steps or preliminary exercises should be mastered.
1. Proper Posture 2. Diaphragmatic breathing 3.Activate Qi in laogong point,
4. Sensing Qi 5. Standing at the stake.

It will take some practice and as my former qigong instructor told us - if we only learned how to breathe properly, it would help us greatly and she was right. The first two did alot to improve my energy and health. I noticed at the beginning, due to my weakened condition when I started these exercises, the 5 preliminary exercises were what I could do for a couple of weeks and then, I noticed a surge in energy levels, and I continued with the warm-up and the rest.

The Dr.Chow has 5 warm-up exercises, followed by the treasure 8 exercises.
You have to give your body time to adjust to this energy. When you feel the effects of the exercises is different for each individual. Some people will feel energize right away, others in a few days,others in a few weeks or so. As you continue with the exercises, you will see your energy and health improve.

It is also wise to follow these exercises with someone who has trained under a qigong master so that you do the right techniques.

There are many qigong exercises as different qigong systems, have their special exercises. Chow qigong is a medical-based qigong. Tomorrow we will find out the background of this qigong master, Effie Chow.

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