Thursday, June 19, 2008

Qigong:-Is Qigong scientific?

Qigong Research
In 1988, the first world conference of academic exchange of medical qigong was held in Beijing.

A wide range of experiments and clinical trials was presented.
Here are just a small sample of the findings or results of these trials, some were done in the course of 20 years.

1.Cancer cells in the stomach (25%) after exposed to qi treatment for an hour was eradicated. 31% of uterine/cervical cancer cells, treated with emitted qi were de-activated.

2. 204 patients with high blood pressure who practised qigong had their blood pressure lowered.

3. 43 patients with with paralysis, who were wheel-chair bound. After treatment with Qigong, they could walk with the assistance of a walker or cane.

4. Patients with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) who had not responded to western medicine or TCM _54% regain normal hearing.

5.Alzheimer's - A man whose CAT scan showed brain atrophy (shrinking), and showing some symptoms of Alzheimer's, after a year of self-practise of qigong as well as treatment of emitted qi, returned to normal and the follow up CAT scan showed a normal brain.

6. Patients who were impotent, also were healed after qi treatments.

As I mentioned, these are just a few of the results of clinical studies done. Tomorrow, we will see what Dr Chow, RN PHD, has done with her own research in an American Nursing Home.

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