Friday, June 27, 2008

Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Health

One of the greatest disease is to be a nobody to anybody” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

All my years, in the education and health occupations and in my various volunteer assignments, I have found the effects of low self- esteem present in many victims of physical disabilities or disease and sometimes, it could be the residue of the disease or disability.
Low self-esteem as it spirals downward can lead to depression , paranoia, anorexia, bulimia.

Socially, low self-esteem alienates people, causes friction, jealousies, conflicts, and in extreme cases to violence. The common cry of persons with low self-esteem is “I’m not good enough .... ”. "I don't deserve this.."

There are several ways that lack of self-esteem is exhibited and here are three of them.- 1.Some people disguise their lack of self-esteem by outwardly showing confidence but inwardly terrified of failure, so this group will tend to be perfect or be workaholic in their daily lives and always looking for a pat on the back.

2. Some people act as if they are not bothered by others' opinions or judgements, yet
inwardly, they are angry and hurt which translates into sarcastic jokes, blaming and overly critical attitudes.

3. These group show themselves as helpless, unable to cope, indulge in self-pity and relying totally on someone else for physical, emotional and psychological support.

If we can nurture good self-esteem in children, then we have already won part of the battle. There is an audiobook on "Self-Esteem Building for kids" Adults can change their low self-esteem and there are programs to do that. They are offered through churches, education and health departments and online. There audiobooks like the one below.

Someone who has a healthy self-esteem is not overly troubled by ratings, rejections or criticism of self or his or her work.
Next week, we will briefly explore how to recover or build-up your self-esteem.

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