Monday, June 23, 2008


So for the past week, Qigong, Chow qigong in particular has been the topic. This is a synopsis of what was posted for the past 7 days.

Qigong, a traditional Chinese healing method practised since 300BC, has found a home in the West, introduced by Dr. E. Chow, a public health nurse, PhD and a qigong master.
She has blended some western medicine with eastern medicine. She founded the East-West Academy of Healing Arts in San Francisco. She has a research-based practice of qigong.

Qigong research done within the last 20 years have shown amazing healing of diseases such as cancer, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson's and mental illnesses. Qigong techniques and exercises builds up the immune system, so colds and infections are reduced. It has also decreased stress!

Chow qigong promotes concepts that is congruent to qigong - meditation,positive attitude, giving and receiving love, humor, peace with oneself and others.

Qigong is now used also to prevent against diseases. It has shown remarkable results in chronic illnesses where western medicine has yet to produce effective results.

Qigong literally means "vital breath" or "vital energy". The base of any qigong system (and there are a number of systems,) is the proper breathing technique and correct posture. Then come the exercises, first the preliminary, the warm-ups and the treasure 8 exercises that should be done at least daily. Dr Chow stated that if qi without love is empty.

I have been practising Chow qigong techniques with two other techniques and I have seen remarkable healing with my energy improved and pain non-existent. So, I am now on a mission to show those who are in any chronic illnesses and pain-ridden, there is a way out. If someone who had frozen shoulder, painful, immobile knees,sinusitis and cancer is now Mobile, active and pain-free through qigong and GET, then you could be too.
If you have any comments or questions, please send them to me.
Be healthy,joyful and peaceful


Cheryl said...

Interesting reading. I'm going to bookmark your blog so I can come back and read your other entries! Thanks for the information. I've had two major knee surgeries in the past 7 mos and the healing process is not fun. I am curious to read more on your blog. Thanks!

I'd be happy to link your blog on mine if you return the favor!

Blog tutorial by Dr. Sandy said...

Qigong seems like a chinese version of Yoga (similar exercises that were performed in ancient India).
It was a nice read.Will drill down into Qigong further.

Being a doctor ,Qigong looks quite interesting to me.Do you have any ebook on qigong.