Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Contributers to Our Self-Image

Early on in life, it is usually a child's parents and other caregivers.There are now books and programs to help parents and caregivers to nurture in the child, a healthy self-image. In school, teachers and other children. Teasing, bullying, "put downs"

Television, cinema and teen magazines as well as child movie stars or child recording artists have an impact on the child's Self-Image. Did anorexia stem from what was perceived as a cool image of being lean that was portrayed by movie stars and models? What about the lyrics of the songs that the youth are listening to? Many hours in front of the mirror for both sexes.

Then, young adulthood comes along, Self-image is spruced to attract the right partner. Let's face it, people are first attracted to a potential date, partner through their body image. Have you heard anyone say, " I was attracted to him (her)because he or she
was an chemist major." ? Isn't it more likely to hear " I was attracted to him or her because he or she looked intelligent." More likely, it would be " I was attracted by her smile." or "I was attracted to to his great biceps, etc.."

So body image is a strong component to Self-Image. Tomorrow we will look at other components of Self-Image.

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