Friday, July 25, 2008

Ways to Build or Repair Your Self-Image!

How do you foster a positive self-image?

There are many ways which you may find on articles about Self-Image.
I will give four here

1. Do Examine your Self- Talk at least daily? If you are saying to yourself, "I'm useless", Or " I'm not good enough", Or " I'm not....whatever.. Please change that negative self-talk right away.

2. Build your self-confidence by focusing on your achievements no matter how small and reward yourself. See failures as trial runs to success. That is how the inventors viewed their failures. Find your strengths and improve on them.

3. Find a couple of people who would support you as build or repair your self-image - ones who will not let you belittle yourself.

4. Tell yourself daily: you were created by God, no other person has your DNA - so you are Unique, Special and you were put on this earth for a particular purpose.Your job is to find that purpose as no one else can fulfill that purpose the way you can!



Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I'd just like to say...Charity begins with ME (because my name is actually Charity... hee hee!) I was wondering if your name is actually Agape? My parents were choosing between the two but obviously chose Charity in the end. :-) Have a blessed day! :-)

Agapelife said...

Thanks for your comment, Charity begins with you literally LOL. No Agapelife is my pen name. Visited your blog. All of my nephews and nieces are Eurasians, so it was interesting to hear your experience. Do visit again!

Christina said...

My original purpose in clicking on 'Comments" was to say, I really like #2, seeing failures as trial runs to success....way to turn a negative into a positive!

but after reading Charity's comment, I did want say, I assume you chose your pen name from the Greek? which is totally cool...

Agapelife said...

Thanks Christina,- after reflection, meditation and prayer, Agapelife is what I aspire, hoping that if I can do everything with agape which is altruistic love, then even if one other person catches agape and pass it on... it can have a rippling effect. Agapelife brings with it a profound joy which I hope for you and all my subscibers.
Visit and comment anytime you wish!