Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is Self-Image

A few weeks ago, we did an exploration of Self-Esteem and it seems only natural to explore about its precursor. - Self- Image. Self-Image was a term composed by

Many confuse self-image with self-esteem. They are closely related as you have to have a good self- image before having a healthy self- esteem.

There are many facets to Self-Image. Here are a some of the questions that determines your Self-Image?

1. Your personal view of yourself, an image of yourself that is carried in your head.

2. A perception of how you believe others look at you

3. What you think your body image is?

4. What you think your personality is? Or what kind of person do you think you are?

5. What status you feel you possess?

6. What value you place on yourself?

7. How you view yourself, your character, your skills and abilities.

If your Self-Image was eroded during childhood, Dr. Laura's book,listed below in audio shows you how to transform it to a positive self-image.


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