Thursday, June 12, 2008

Qigong - What research proved

While western medicine had succeeded in treating critical illnesses, eastern medicine with Qigong as a main example has had great success in chronic, degenerative, addictive behaviors and stress related conditions.

Recent Research has shown that healing occurred in the following body systems
1. Cardiovascular 2. Respiratory, 3. Immune system, 4. Circulatory system, 5. Musculoskeletal 6. Digestive,7 Endocrine,(Diabetes) 8.Neurological, 8. Skin, 10.Eyes
Asthma and allergies have also been cured by the practice of Qigong!

So what exactly is Qigong. It is an ancient Chinese system of health. There are many types of Qigong systems as there qigong masters.

Is it an exercise?
Is it a technique?
Is it a behavior?
Is it a certain nutrition?
Is it a positive mind-set?
Is it relaxation?
Is it meditation?
Is it healing?
Yes it is all of the above and more - it is actually a harmonious, healthy, empowering way of life!

Chow Qigong is a medical Qigong and it is unique as the grandmaster Dr. Chow blended eastern with western medicine in her practice of Qigong.
There is so much to know about Qigong and these postings will only show you a small picture of Qigong which has had a healthy impact on my life and countless others.

Tomorrow we will continue with what are the tools involved with Qigong? Your comments will be most welcomed!

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