Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Qigong - What's that?

Qigong - pronounced chee-goong) It is an ancient method of healing from China. QI means in traditional chinese medicine - our vital breath or vital energy. A rough equivalent is bio-energy or electromagnetic energy.
GONG can mean discipline, work or skill. So Qigong means -" energy work" or "breath work" Also called "air energy".

My initiation toChow Qigong was 4 years ago, when I was searching other ways to cure my cancer instead of the usual route of chemo and radiation! My success and the success I have seen in others have made me a proponent of Qigong!

In the following posts, we will discuss some of the diseases that have been cured through Chow Qigong, the benefits, some success stories and one well-known Qigong practitioner who was responsible for promoting Qigong in the US, Dr. Effie Chow.

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