Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do you know the types of laughter

I am sure there are more types of laughter than the ones I will describe in this post.

Etiquette laughter This starts with a smile.It can be quite restrained and easily managed.

Pigeon laughter - Requires you to take a deep inhalation with the mouth shut and produce laughing sounds like the hum of a pigeon.

Soundless laughter. Inhale gently through the nose with mouth closed. Then open mouth and put tongue out and let the laugh out without making a sound while exhaling as long as possible. You should feel your stomach and upper abdomen muscles moving. The exhaling part while laughing makes a rhythmic movement of the diaphragm which is called " inner jogging"

Belly laughter This is the same procedure as soundless laughter except when you open your mouth, you let go and laugh loudly. With this laughter, you could roll on the floor or double up.

Practise these types of laughter daily. It will make such a difference to the outcome of your day. If you have any questions, please ask them by clicking on comment. Other comments welcome. If you are doing the laughter exercises, how often do you do them and how has it changed your outlook. Would like to hear from you!!

Ref:- R. Belasekar

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