Monday, July 14, 2008

Easy Ways to Bring Laughter into Your Life

I have researched and taught all aspects of Laughter Therapy for the last 9 & 1/2 years and have been completely inspired by its power to lift mood, reduce pain, connect people, boost motivation and confidence and much, much more.

I think often people make the laughter and smiling search more complicated than its needs to be. I do look at humour types and analyse occupations to try and optimize opportunities for laughter... but I also think finding laughter should simply be put on to your daily agenda like eating fruit and veg.

Make a conscious decision to try and find your day fun, spend twenty minutes (plus if you can) actively looking for the funny in situations or around you, see someone who is light and smiley, do an activity that may bring in laughs (see a comedy, join a new gym class, people watch etc).

People often get distracted by the type of laughter they want, most people want rip roaring belly laughs.. they often come later after you start to enjoy life, laugh more and change your daily perspective.

Think back to the past, what made you laugh? What did you do as a child, teenager,in your twenties, thirties etc that made you laugh? Who makes you laugh? Can you find more people with the same attitude, could you see this person more or when you need their lightness to balance your day with humour?

Ask yourself questions, what stops you laughing? Who don't you laugh with? When don't you laugh? Then be pro-active... if you don't laugh with someone can you change How, When and Where you see them? Maybe meet them out for coffee as opposed to going to their house or invite them to a stand up comedy night. Give opportunities for relationships to change and develop.

Focus on finding fun, happiness and laughter in all you do. Try not to think I am not laughing whilst I do whatever it is you're doing... think instead what can I do to get laughter now or next time.
Alice Hortop
Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy In University of West England (UWE)
Laughter Therapy Specialist


Robin said...

Great post! People would have far fewer health problems if they would laugh and not take life so seriously. I saw a sign outside my dr.'s office that reads "laughter is the best medicine." My kids are my biggest source of laughter. They're always cracking me up.

Daniel Ng said...

Great post and good information, It's that simple, people just have to understand how powerful the laughter and smiling can bring to their daily life.