Friday, July 18, 2008

Laughter's Capsule

What a fantastically Happy, two weeks. The joy of researching and writing about laughter - words are just so inadequate to describe it.
If, you my readers have come up with any words, that can truly describe, pure unadulterated joy or happiness, then let me know.

We had looked at the Gelotology - which is the study of laughter on our physiology. Hospitals and other health facilities have included laughter therapy as various researches had shown the positive effect of laughter on our physical body. Laughter enhances the immune system, the respiratory system, lowers blood pressure and relieves pain.

We also discovered how laughter was good for our mental and emotional well-being. Laughter connects people of different languages and cultures and religions, breaking down barriers, bridging the gaps. It is a universal language. Dr. Katari founder of the Laughter Yoga club which now has 6000 clubs world wide, feels that laughter is capable of bringing peace to the world.

Laughter specialist,Alice Hortop whose research and practice in Laughter therapy, showed how to bring laughter into our lives and the necessity of laughter in social life as well as in relationships

Then, we spoke of the types of laughter and how to practise them. Spiritual benefits of laughter was discussed for those of different religions or for those who had none.
There are still ongoing research in laughter.

I would like to continue on this theme but it will have to be interactive. Please send me your happiest moments, events or situations, which gave you belly laughs or the memories of those events that perpetuate those belly laughs. Also include people who made you laugh. EMPOWER your Life with LAUGHTER!
Laughing with you

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