Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spiritual Aspect of Laughter

How is laughter spiritual, you may ask?

For those who believe they were created by God, it would not be difficult to see God's Hand in this, as one of the first spontaneous emotions displayed by a baby is laughter. No one taught the baby to smile or laugh. Have you observed a baby laughing while alone in the crib without any prompting??

Religion on Laughter and Humor

When Buddha was enlightened, the first thing He did was Smile. You may have also seen statues of the Laughing Buddha.

Qur'an or Koran
"They deserve paradise who make their companions laugh".
The Old Testament has 57 references to laughter and 27 to humor.
Many incidents in the Old Testament filled with puns, dry humor, funny situations and funny word play.

The New Testament has 287 references to joy, delight, gladness, laughter and rejoicing.
The Laughter Yoga originated in Mumbai, India.

In his book, Bonham,states that Humor brings God closer to humanity. Laughter is a common link between various religions.

Humor bring God closer to Humanity. For those who do not have any religious belief, still are spiritual beings so the posting tomorrow will discuss how laughter affects your spiritual self.
Enjoy Bill Cosby on Noah's ArK
Bonham,Tal D. Humor: God's Gift, 1988

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